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Summer school “Economic Principles in Cell Biology” - Paris, July 8-11, 2024

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Practical information for participants

Date and place
The school will take place on July 8-11, 2024, at the Learning Planet Institute Paris.

Registration is free but mandatory.
Registration for online participation is closed.
Registration for online participation is possibly until July 5.

Discussions on book chapters
During the course, we gathered in small groups to discuss the different book chapters.

Your feedback on the course
We ask all participants to give us their feedback about individual lectures and the course as a whole. Links to feedback forms will be distributed by email.

Learning Planet Institute
8 Rue Charles V (Map)
75004 Paris

To get to the Learning Planet Institute by Metro train, take Metro line 1 (stop "Saint Paul") or Metro line 7 (stop "Sully-Morland").

Please find an accomodation as soon as possible (affordable hotels in Paris are rare, especially two weeks before the Olympic Games). Below you can find some hotels and hostels with approximate prices (as of January 2024)

Around Learning Planet Institute

  1. Hotel Albe Bastille 3* 1 night (11 to 12/07) : 170 euros
  2. Hotel Marais de Launay, 42 rue Amelot 1 night (11 to 12/07) : 150-160 euros
  3. Hôtel Herse D'Or, 2* (Tiny rooms) 20 Rue Saint-Antoine, 1 night (11 to 12/07) : 180 euros
Paris, Place d’Italie - métro line 7
  1. ibis Paris Avenue d'Italie 3* 15 Bis avenue d'Italie, 160 euros/night
  2. Jack's Hotel 3* 19 Avenue Stephen Pichon, 120-130 euros/night
  3. Hôtel des Ecrivains 3* 8 Rue Coypel, 145-180 euros/night
Paris, Tolbiac - métro ligne 7
  1. ibis Paris Italie Tolbiac, 177 Rue De Tolbiac, 165-185 euros/night
  2. Amiral Hôtel 4* 98 Avenue d'Italie, 160-180 euros/night
Students’ accommodations / Hostels
  1. The people Marais Shared room : 65-85 euros/night
  2. The people Nation Shared room : 60-65 euros/night
  3. Joe and Joe Nation Shared room : 60-65 euros/night

If you'd like to share an Airbnb, please contact us. We may help you get in touch with other participants who would like to share an Airbnb too.

Organizer at Learning Planet Institute
Virginie Chomier

Scientific organizers
Wolfram Liebermeister, Hidde de Jong, Anne Goelzer, Diana Széliová, Elad Noor, Meike Wortel, Ohad Golan

Contact for Night Science
Martin Lercher

Organizer Atelier SEnS
Sophie Quinton

Young Scholars group
Please join the PICP_scholars group via this slack link: