Economic Principles in Cell Physiology    

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Young Scholars

The aim of the Young Scholars group is to facilitate the discussion and interaction among people, as we know that the general discussions in the Forum are often crowded and active participation can feel intimidating to some. The young scholars meet once a month for a seminar and have a dedicated slack space PlCPhysiology_scholars.

We are not restrictive on the definition of “young”. If you are a PhD student, a postdoc, or you are anyway interested to the topic of an upcoming meeting, you are very welcome to join! All participants can have a direct contribution by, for instance:

  1. Taking the lead in organizing one of our monthly meeting
  2. Suggesting discussion topics
  3. Sharing papers, teaching materials, conferences/seminars or job offers that can be relevant for the group
  4. Asking and/or offer feedbacks about personal research projects.

Please contact the organizers Pranas Grigaitis, Constance Le Gac, or Niccolò Totis with any questions and suggestions.