Economic Principles in Cell Physiology

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The Forum “Economic Principles in Cell Physiology” is a monthly meeting for discussions in the field of cell biology and mathematical modelling, organised by an open group of researchers. We meet every month to discuss open questions. Our group gathers researchers at any stage of their career. Students, junior faculty, advanced researchers, professors emeriti: please feel free and welcome to join!

Aside from the forum meetings, we plan to write a non-commercial, open-access book about our discipline. If you'd like to participate, or are just curious, please have a look at the currently drafted chapters. Moreover, we are assembling teaching materials for systems biology. Our repository will contain lecture notes, slides, and exercises.

For other information (including academic job postings), see our slack space PrinciplesInCellPhysiology (open for everyone) and the slack space PlCPhysiology_scholars for exchanges between students, PhD students, and postdocs.

Upcoming events [edit]