Economic Principles in Cell Biology          

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Computer exercises (jupyter notebooks)

Here you can find some instructional jupyter notebooks

  1. Jupyter notebook: Exercise "Flux balance analysis (FBA) of Escherichia coli core model"
  2. Juypter notebooks accompanying the chapter "Cell metabolism", based on Tellurium
  3. Jupyter notebooks covering different aspects of cell modeling (from ETH Systems Biology Course 2019)


Here you can find other python code accompanying the book

  1. Code for Voronoi treemaps

Open access graphics

Here you can find free graphics for reuse

  1. A metabolic map of E. coli central metabolism (pdf format). A diagram showing the reactions, metabolites, co-factors, and enzymes in the central metabolism of Escherichia coli bacteria. A few selected carbon sources and their catabolic pathways are shown as well. The original graphics (in svg format) can be found on zenodo.