Economic Principles in Cell Biology          

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Summer school “Economic principles in cell biology” - Paris, July 10-13, 2023

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Our second second summer school on “Economic principles in cell biology” took place in July 2023 at the Learning Planet Institute Paris and online (hybrid). Like the other summer schools in 2022 and 2024, it was related to the open textbook “Economic principles in cell biology” on cellular physiology and resource allocation, developed by an international group of researchers as a resource for learning and teaching.

The summer school targeted undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdoctoral researchers with a natural sciences background (including biological sciences, physics, engineering, or mathematics). It focuses on mathematical modeling of cellular systems (without wet experiments) and shows how mathematical models and “resource allocation thinking” can help you understand cell physiology.

The 2023 edition of our summer school featured some topics from last year, but also new topics.

Lecture slides

To see video recordings of the lectures, please contact the organizers

1. Exploring the economy of the cell

2. What makes up a cell?

3. A dynamic view of metabolism

4. Flux Balance Analysis

5. Self-replicator cell models

6. Autocatalytic cycles and growth laws

7. Return on investment

8. Metabolic diversity (I) / (II)

9. Cell division control

10. Cells facing uncertainty (I) / (II)

11. Organ shape and function

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