Economic Principles in Cell Physiology    

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Forum "Economic Principles in Cell Physiology"

Living cells, shaped by billions of years of evolution, have developed many ways to adapt to their environment, e.g. by regulation of gene expression. But the rules of physics and chemistry enforce certain boundaries on what cells can achieve and how they can allocate their own resources. Our goal is to uncover some of these governing principles. The forum is a space for conversations about fundamental questions in cell physiology and economic principles in biology. The presentations are short, leaving ample time for discussion. If you would like to obtain announcement emails, please subscribe to our email list.

The forum

Forum sessions take place on the first Thursday of each month, at 1 pm CET or 5:30 pm CET (announced for each session).

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  1. Team: F. Bruggeman, Martina Dal Bello, R. Steuer, S. Waldherr, T. Hwa, W. Liebermeister
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