Economic Principles in Cell Physiology    

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Teaching materials for Systems Biology

We collect teaching materials for researchers and students interested in Systems Biology. In our GitLab repository, you can find lectures, transcripts, slides, tutorials and other material that might help your learning and teaching.

Click HERE to see our collection of teaching materials covering a range of systems biology topics:

  1. Systems biology
  2. Cellular networks
  3. Regulation of gene expression
  4. Metabolic models
  5. Thermodynamics and bioenergetics
  6. Resource allocation and enzyme economics
  7. Economy of the cell
  8. Cell interactions, population dynamics, and evolution
  9. Mathematical modeling and bioinformatics
  10. Models of cellular subsystems
  11. Dynamics of biological processes

Please contact us to contribute your materials to our repository!

Contact: Elad Noor and Wolfram Liebermeister