Economic Principles in Cell Biology          

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Summer school “Economic principles in cell biology” - Paris, July 4-6, 2022

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Course schedule

Monday July 4 Tuesday July 5 Wednesday July 6
Exploring the economy of the cell (10 am)
W. Liebermeister
Balanced cell growth (10 am)
Frank Bruggeman
Self-replicator cell models (10 am)
Ohad Golan
What makes up a cell? (10:45 am)
Diana Széliová
Flux balance analysis (11 am)
Steffen Waldherr
Resource allocation models (11 am)
Anne Goelzer
Lunch break (noon) Lunch break (noon) Lunch break (noon)
Get-together (1 pm)
How to write a book that is
useful to the community
(1 pm)
Discussion with Ron Milo
Plans and collaborations (1 pm)
Optimality problems in cells (2 pm)
Markus Köbis
Cost of metabolic pathways (2 pm)
Elad Noor
Optimal cell behavior in time (2 pm)
Hidde de Jong
Coffee break (3 pm)
Coffee break (3 pm)
A dynamic view of metabolism (3:30 pm)
Orkun Soyer
Optimal metabolic states (3:30 pm)
Meike Wortel
Closing discussion (3 pm)
all participants
A guided tour of the LPI (4:30 pm)
Cecilia Patitucci and LPI students
Tutorials/exercises (4:30 pm)
Depending on participants' interests
Farewell party (4 pm)


  1. Anne Goelzer, INRAE
  2. Diana Széliová, Universität Wien
  3. Elad Noor, Weizmann Institute of Science
  4. Frank Bruggeman, VU Amsterdam
  5. Hidde de Jong, INRIA
  6. Markus Köbis, NTNU Trondheim
  7. Meike Wortel, Universiteit van Amsterdam
  8. Ohad Golan, ETH Zürich
  9. Orkun Soyer, Warwick University
  10. Ron Milo, Weizmann Institute of Science
  11. Steffen Waldherr, KU Leuven
  12. Wolfram Liebermeister, INRAE