Economic Principles in Cell Biology          

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Our project: a free and open textbook

To describe the economics of cells from different angles, we write a book for researchers and students that will condense the knowledge we have as a community and will serve as an open resource for learning and teaching. Our plan is to

  1. Write the first textbook / companion book on the topic as an open and free book (to be read online, downloaded or possibly be printed on demand for non-profit)

  2. Demonstrate that a textbook can be written and continuously updated by a collective of researchers and students, bypassing limitations imposed by publishers

  3. Establish this book as a standard textbook to which colleagues can easily contribute

  4. Use the book in our summer school courses for students and young researchers

Book author meetings

Our monthly meetings take place on the 4th Tuesday of each month, 5:00 pm CET, on zoom:

This is a community project - please join us any time!

Instructions and useful files

  1. Instructions for authors (google doc)
  2. Template for chapter outline (google doc)
  3. Latex template file (overleaf)
  4. Central git repository
  5. Advertisement slide (odt file in gitlab repository)
  6. Welcome page for tasks

Authors and chapters [edit]

See the chapter drafts (google documents)

Contact (main team)
Wolfram Liebermeister, Elad Noor, Ohad Golan, Markus Köbis, Michela Pauletti, Pranas Grigaitis, Herbert Sauro, Diana Széliová