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Welcome to the Economic Cell Collective!

Since 2021, we have been organizing ourselves as a community of researchers in systems biology and related fields, and interested in fundamental questions around cell physiology, cellular growth, resource allocation, and biological thermodynamics. Our monthly forum is a place for discussing general and fundamental questions about our field. It takes place on the 1st Thursday of each month. Everybody is invited to join! This website gives an overview. For more details, please contact the organizers.

Our activities

  1. The monthly Forum Economic Principles in Cell Physiology
  2. The young scholars group - a subgroup for students and young researchers
  3. Open-access textbook
  4. Collection of teaching materials for systems biology
  5. Summer school for students and young researchers (next summer school: July 2024)
  6. Workshop (held in October 2023 at ICTP Trieste)

Where to find what

  1. Email list: Please subscribe to our email list for Forum announcements.
  2. Slack space for students and postdocs: PlCPhysiology_scholars
  3. Planning meetings: Meeting notes (google doc)
  4. Contact:

What you can do

  1. Our group is what we make of it - please feel free to suggest new activities!
  2. Tell your colleagues and students about our group.
  3. Use the X/Twitter hashtag #CellularEconomyForum to promote the forum.
  4. Contact Wolfram Liebermeister with any questions or suggestions.