Economic Principles in Cell Biology          

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Summer school “Economic principles in cell biology” - July 4-6, 2022

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Along with our open book project “Economic principles in cell biology”, we will organize a 3-day block course at the Learning Planet Institute Paris (previously CRI) in July 2022. In the book project, which started in early 2021, an international group of about 30 researchers is currently drafting chapters for an open textbook on cellular physiology and resource allocation principles. We would like to make this book a practical resource for teaching. To this end, we organize a block course in which some of the authors give lectures based on their chapters.
The summer school targets undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdoctoral researchers with a natural sciences background (including biological sciences, physics, engineering, or mathematics). The lectures will follow the general scope of the planned book. Holding the lectures will help us streamline the chapters towards teaching, and to prepare a first set of lecture slides, which can later be extended. We also hope to get feedback from students for improving the book, and possibly to recruit students or colleagues for participating in our project. If the summer school is a success, we would envisage repeating it a year later, with other topics and based on an advanced version of our book.

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